European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association

The European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association (ECCEES) is a non-profit association based in Vienna. Our task is to promote Sino-European cooperation in the areas of art and cultural exchange (music, dance and sport), education, science and technology.


Since it was founded in 2016, we and our members have been committed to cultural exchange and cooperation in the following areas:

Educational and Cultural Programs

ECCEES promotes intercultural exchange between China and Europe by supporting its members and partners in the implementation of cross-border educational and culture-specific projects. Among many other things, this includes establishing contacts with relevant cooperation partners, setting up joint study programs and dual degree programs, as well as establishing subsidiaries abroad.


Together with partners from the education, media and cultural sectors, ECCEES organizes a variety of different events, including conferences on educational and cultural topics, concerts, musical and sporting competitions.

Online Masterclass

In order to offer Chinese students access to highly qualified Austrian music teachers, ECCEES and its partners are currently working on setting up an online platform for instrumental lessons.

Staff Mobility

Supported by a broad network of Chinese universities and schools, ECCEES handles inquiries about long-term and short-term stays by teachers at partner organizations abroad.

Student Exchange

ECCEES is a mediator for student exchanges between China and Europe. We place applicants with member organizations and work continuously to set up new exchange programs.

Summer Academies and Summer Camps

ECCEES organizes summer academies and summer camps for Chinese pupils and students in Austria as well as for Austrian pupils and students in China. Special focus lies on the organization of music summer camps in Austria for young musicians from China.