European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association

The European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association (ECCEES) is a non-profit association founded in Vienna in 2016 whose mission is to promote Sino-European cooperation in arts and cultural exchange programs (music, dance and sports), as well as in education, science and technology.

Our Objectives

·    Strengthen the exchanges between Europe and China in the areas of culture (music, arts, sports), education, science and technology. Promote good cooperation between the two sides and promote friendly relations in the field of science and education.


·   Promote all-round cooperations and exchanges between Europe and China, and encourage European countries to develop close partnerships with educational institutions in China to support the comprehensive exchange of teachers and students.


·    To build bridges between European countries and experts in related fields in China, improve the technical exchange and facilitate beneficial cooperation in this area.


·    To provide a platform for the exchange of sport and culture between Europe and China in order to take full advantage of the benefits from both sides. and learning in the fields of music, art and culture. Through academic exchange and practical applications, the platform can meet the needs of developing both sides.


·    Promote exchanges and cooperations between European countries and Chinese youth groups in various fields.


·   To establish a network of contacts and partnerships between members of the association to ensure the effectiveness and practicability of communication