About us

The European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association (ECCEES) is a non-profit association founded in Vienna in 2016. Our task is to promote Sino-European cooperation in the areas of art and cultural exchange (music, dance and sport), education, science and technology.

Our Mission and Objectives

  • Establishing a network of member organizations and cooperation partners to promote intercultural exchange and cooperation between Europe and China in the fields of education, sport and culture.
  • Creating a platform for joint cultural and sporting activities between Europe and China.
  • Establishing partnerships between Chinese and European educational institutions in support of student exchange and staff mobility.
  • Stimulate communication, cooperation and mutual understanding between European and Chinese youth.
  • Promoting intercultural cooperation and establishing friendly relationships between China and Europe.
  • Stimulating exchange between Europe and China in the fields of art and culture (music, dance and sport), education, science and technology. 
  • Establishing a network of educational institutions and experts to support professional exchange and technical cooperation.