Our Team

The ECCEES leadership team is made up of volunteers and senior leaders. Each project has professional management staff, which allows individual consultation and implementation.

Hongge Zhang - Executive President

Hongge Zhang has graduated from the Shangdong University.


After her successful studies she has worked for several years in various management positions in her own and her family's businesses.


Nowadays she lives in China and in Austria advancing cultural exchange between the two nations.


Georg Zanger - Director

Prof. Georg Zanger graduated from University of Vienna and started his professional career 30 years ago. He is now the head of  "zanger bewegt", a law firm looking for creative answers based on a "best solution approach".


Specialized in Business Law (Intellectual Property Law and Media Law, Competition Law, Telecommunication Law and Copyright Law) Dr. Zanger operates for many international companies which have set up a foreign base in Austria.


For many years Prof. Zanger has rendered outstanding services to the establishment of a sound network comprising Chinese lawyers, government agencies and companies.

Niels Muss - Director

Niels Muus graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark and deepened his studies at the Conservatorio San Martino (Bologna), the Mozarteum (Salzburg), the Ecole Normale de Musique (Paris).


As a symphonic conductor, Niels Muus has given performances in concert halls all over the world, conducting some of the best orchestras of our time.


2015 he was nominated for the prestigious Publitzer Price.

Nowadays he is professor and director of the international highly prestigious Opera Masters Program at the MUK (Musik und Kunst) University Vienna.

Xin Wang - Consultant

The soprano Xin Wang was born in 1989 in China, Shandong. She completed her studies at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Afterwards, she continued her studies at the Bruckner University in Linz and at the MUK in Vienna, where she is currently studying with Linda Watson in the master's degree course in opera.
Xin Wang is a laureate of internationally renowned competitions in Hong Kong, Italy and Austria.
She is currently seen as a singer in many productions in Beijing, Verona, Graz and Linz.