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Internal Youth Teeball Invitational Tournament


To promote the development of Chinese youth Teeball, and
strengthen the exchanges of Teeball between international and domestic cities,
Chinese Softball Association and Chinese Baseball Association jointly launched
the first International Youth Teeball invitational tournament in Zhengzhou, in
cooperation with Zhengzhou ZDND Management Committee.

The international Teeball teams and teams of Hong Kong China, Macau China, Chinese Taipei, as well as the great national teams, will be invited to attend the invitational tournament.

Age group: U12 (recommended age between 10-12)

Team size: 20 teams in total, including 10 internal, teams of Hong Kong China, Macau China, Chinese Taipei.

1.           Sponsors: Chinese Softball Association, Chinese Baseball Association, Chinese Education Association, ZDND Management Committee
2.          Organizer: ZDND Educational, Cultural and Sports Bureau
3.          Co-organizer: ZDND Teeball Experimental School
4.          Time: April 19th
24th, 2020