We are very happy to welcome Shandong Jiaotong University and Shandong University as new members to ECCEES!


ECCEES Executive President Hongge Zhang visits China


During her visit to China, Hongge Zhang has made further good contacts for future cooperation partners. Her journey took her to Jinan, among other places, to the two largest and most important universities in Shandong Province. Both institutions are very interested in ECCEES and would like to extend their cooperation to Austria.

16th October 2018

ECCEES visits JAM Music Lab


The JAM Music Lab in the Vienna Gasometer already impresses visitors through the building and the premises. The modern facilities and teaching facilities offer a great variety for the students to unfold their talent.


10th October 2018

ECCEES Executive President Hongge Zhang visits Vienna´s Danube International School


At the invitation of Danube International School on October 11, Hongge Zhang visited the Danube International School and talked intensively to Dr. Ing. Michelle Purghart.
During her visit, Ms. Purghart gave an introduction to the school and it´s facilities, showed the classrooms, playgrounds and presented the teaching content. Dr. Michelle Purghart expressed the readiness of Danube International School to work with Nadja, and both sides engaged in detailed discussions on cooperation issues.
The Danube International School in the city of Vienna is located next to the famous Prater. As an IB world school, it educates more than 500 students from different countries and can thus offer education from childhood (from 3 years) to higher education entrance qualification and the IB diploma.
This visit will help ECCEES and Danube International School to improve their mutual understanding and provide a solid foundation for the next collaboration.



3rd October 2018


Meeting with the students of the FH Burgenland and information lecture
At the beginning of October, ECCEES representatives Xiaoye Wang and Paul Moder met with the students and heads of the Bridging Program and Advanced Bridging Progranms of FH Burgenland in Pinkafeld.
Dr. Petra Plieger presented the rules and procedures of the FH Burgenland to the first-year students in an information lecture, as well as the study rules, the teaching prerequisites and the examination procedures.
ECCEES is committed to promoting Chinese-Austrian cultural exchange and active educational exchange for Chinese students to study in Austria. With the development of the new Silk Road, more Chinese students are coming to Europe to receive their education. The Bridging Program and Advanced Bridging Program give students from China a deeper understanding of the FH Burgenland of Applied Sciences and at the same time improve their understanding of what helps students better prepare for study life in Austria.